Financial Capability Financial Inclusion Working Paper

Examining Minority and Poor Youth’s College Aspirations and Expectations: The Potential Role of College Savings

In this study, the following three questions are examined: (1) Is having savings for college associated with higher college expectations? (2) Are college expectations associated with math achievement? and (3) Do college expectations act as a mediator for college aspirations? Findings indicate that youth with college savings are more likely to have higher college expectations and having higher college expectations is associated with math achievement. Further, college expectations act as a mediator for college aspirations. These findings suggest that policies designed to promote youth college savings may have a positive impact on college expectations.

Project: I Can Save


Elliott, W., III. (2007). Examining minority and poor youth’s college aspirations and expectations: The potential role of college savings (CSD Working Paper No. 07-07). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.