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Direct Effects of Assets and Savings on the College Progress of Black Young Adults

The 2009 Status on Minorities in Higher Education reported that there is a sizeable gap (12%) between White student enrollment and Black student enrollment. A well recognized barrier to college access is cost, and this could be particularly salient for Black children. This study examines whether savings and assets, such as CDAs and other savings programs, promote college progress for black youth. This study builds off of previous research while also furthering the understanding of racial differences by using separate samples of Black and White students. The findings shows that there is some evidence to support the idea that liquid assets, such as savings, are more likely to promote being on course for college among Black young adults. Other findings and implications are discussed in more details surrounding how to better address the gap that exists.

Project: College Success


Elliott, W., III, & Nam, I. (2011, June). Direct effects of assets and savings on the college progress of Black young adults (CSD Research Brief No. 11-18). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.