Asset Building Financial Inclusion Report

Does Structural Inequality Begin With a Bank Account? (Creating a Financial Stake in College, Report No. II)

This report is the second part of a four-part series that focuses on the relationship between children’s savings and improving college success. The second part examines the relationship between inequality and bank account ownership. The report presents evidence from a set of empirical studies conducted on children’s savings research, with an emphasis on low-income children. Evidence is present that low SES children are less likely to have a savings account and that childhood savings is associated with young adulthood savings provides rationale, other factors exist. Based on this evidence, low SES children may require support from federal institutions to save and build assets.

Project: College Success


Elliott, W., III. (2012). Does structural inequality begin with a bank account? (creating a financial stake in college, Report No. II). Washington, DC: New America Foundation and Washington University, Center for Social Development.