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Voices of Youth, Parents, and Stakeholders: Findings From Case Studies in the YouthSave Project

This report presents the findings from case studies in the YouthSave Project. In-depth interviews were conducted by in-country research partners with a total of 24 youth participants, parents, and community or school stakeholders. In each country, triads consisting of a youth, his or her parent, and a stakeholder from his or her school or community shared their experiences of saving with the YouthSave project. In coordination with the YouthSave financial institution (FI) in each country, we examined data on savings balances, length of account operation, deposits, and withdrawals from the YouthSave Savings Demand Assessment (SDA) to select youth.

Project: YouthSave


Zou, L., Myers-Tlapek, S., Sherraden, M. S., Gabbert, J. W., Ritterbusch, A., Appiah, E., … Maharjan, M. (2015). Voices of youth, parents, and stakeholders: Findings from case studies in the YouthSave Project (YouthSave Research Report No 15-31). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.