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“All That Glitters Is Not Gold”: Social Mobility, Health, and Mental Health Among African Americans

The goal of this chapter is to describe the relationships among race, mental health, and the financial capabilities of African Americans. It focuses particularly on the mental health costs of upward mobility, noting that such costs could undermine African Americans’ efforts to accumulate socioeconomic resources. African Americans’ efforts to improve their financial capabilities are limited in part by a dearth of wealth within the African American community. 

Project: Costs of Upward Social Mobility


Hudson, D. L. (2015). “All that glitters is not gold”: Social mobility, health, and mental health among African Americans. In N. Morrow-Howell & M. S. Sherraden (Eds.), Financial capability and asset holding in later life: A life course perspective (pp. 27–45). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.