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Smart Decarceration Practice Behaviors for Social Work Competencies: A Guide for Educators and Learners

Guided by the profession’s social justice orientation and commitment to working with vulnerable populations, social work scholars and practitioners should be leaders in efforts to reform the criminal justice system in the era of decarceration. This document provides guidance for instructors and students on incorporating “smart decarceration” as a focus for social work education. It does so in a format that follows the Council on Social Work Education’s social work competencies, incorporating smart decarceration–related practice behaviors for ready application in classroom curricula and field practicums.

Project: Decarceration


Copeland, P., Jacob, D., Young, D., Grier, A., Kennedy, S., & Tripodi, S. (2018, October). Smart decarceration practice behaviors for social work competencies: A guide for educators and learners. Tallahassee, FL: Florida State University College of Social Work, Institute for Justice Research and Development.