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People and Climate Change: Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Social Justice

Climate change is a profoundly social and political challenge that threatens the well-being, livelihood, and survival of people in communities worldwide. Too often, those who have contributed least to climate change are the most likely to suffer from its negative consequences and are often excluded from the policy discussions and decisions that affect their lives.

People and Climate Change pays particular attention to the social dimensions of climate change. It closely examines people’s lived experience, climate-related injustice and inequity, why some groups are more vulnerable than others, and what can be done about it–especially through greater community inclusion in policy change. The book offers a diverse range of rich, community-based examples from across the “Global North” and “Global South” (e.g., sacrificial flood zones in urban Argentina, forced relocation of United Houma tribal members in the United States, gendered water insecurities in Bangladesh and Australia) while posing social and political questions about climate change (e.g., what can be done about the unequal consequences of climate change by questioning and transforming social institutions and arrangements?). It serves as an essential resource for practitioners, policymakers, and undergraduate-/graduate-level educators of courses in environmental studies, social work, urban studies, planning, geography, sociology, and other disciplines that address matters of climate and environmental change.

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Mason, L. R., & Rigg, J. (Eds.). (2018). People and Climate Change: Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Social Justice. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.