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Reverse Social Work’s Neglect of Adults Involved in the Criminal Justice System: The Intersection and Agenda

Acknowledging the decades-long expansion of mass incarceration and the social work profession’s general neglect of work with adults involved in the criminal justice system, Carrie Pettus-Davis calls upon social work to re-engage in a domain that touches nearly every aspect of the profession. Originally published as a guest editorial in Social Work Research, this chapter articulates a renewed agenda for research in the criminal justice system across five interdependent categories: family-focused research, service utilization research, program evaluation and intervention research, psychosocial research, and criminal justice research. Pettus-Davis concludes the chapter by asserting, “The time to do more is now, and we should do more.”

Project: Decarceration


Pettus-Davis, C. (2019). Reverse social work’s neglect of adults involved in the criminal justice system: The intersection and agenda. In T. B. Bent-Goodley, J. H. Williams, M. L. Teasley, S. H. Gorin (Eds.), Grand challenges for society: Evidence-based social work practice (pp. 352–358). Washington, DC: NASW Press.