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Cancer Risk From Air Toxics in Relation to Neighborhood Isolation and Sociodemographic Characteristics: A Spatial Analysis of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, USA

Does the risk of cancer from air pollution cluster in neighborhoods with particular sociodemographic characteristics?

This study identified areas with high concentrations of cancer-causing airborne pollutants in the greater metropolitan area around St. Louis, Missouri, examining whether the location of those “hot spots” was correlated with neighborhood racial or economic segregation and other characteristics. Findings from these analyses of data from the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Community Survey show overlaps between the hot spots and several indicators of disadvantage.

Project: Environment and Social Development


Ekenga, C. C., Yeung, C. Y., Oka, M. (2019). Cancer risk from air toxics in relation to neighborhood isolation and sociodemographic characteristics: A spatial analysis of the St. Louis metropolitan area, USA. Environmental Research, 179(Pt. B), 108844.