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Reflections of a Central Bank Governor

Central banks seldom play central roles in the strategies that researchers and practitioners formulate for fostering financial capability in marginalized populations, but this Perspective, by Dr. Ernest Addison, Governor of the Bank of Ghana, illustrates that the work of those banks is “inextricably linked” to financial capability.

This Perspective presents remarks offered by Dr. Addison as part of the event marking the launch of Financial Capability and Asset Building in Africa (FCAB Africa). Participants gathered virtually for the start of this multinational collaboration in a session of the 22nd biennial conference of the International Consortium for Social Development, which was hosted by the University of Johannesburg, July 13–16, 2021. Dr. Addison’s remarks are presented here with the permission of the author and the Bank of Ghana.

Project: Financial Capability & Asset Building in Africa (FCAB Africa)


Addison, E. (2021, July). Reflections of a central bank governor (CSD Perspective No. 21-18). Washington University, Center for Social Development.