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Child Well-Being Policies in Post-Soviet Countries: The Potential of Child Development Accounts

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, all post-Soviet countries initiated reforms in child well-being systems. Some have undertaken meaningful changes, and others continue to struggle. This Policy Brief summarizes one portion of an in-depth study on child well-being policies in six post-Soviet countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. It discusses asset-building policy for children in those countries, an emerging national children’s account policy in Kazakhstan, and the potential for diffusion of Child Development Account policy.


Huseynli, A., & Sherraden, M. (2023, June). Child well-being policies in post-Soviet countries: The potential of Child Development Accounts (CSD Policy Brief No. 23-18). Washington University, Center for Social Development. https://doi.org/10.7936/8f0m-qs76