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Asset-Building Policy and Black Reparations: Effective Delivery and Wealth Accumulation

Discussions of reparations focus on who should pay, who should receive them, and how much should be paid, but there is much less consideration of the delivery design. Drawing upon children’s account research, particularly evidence from the SEED for Oklahoma Kids experiment, and insights from the implementation of Child Development Account (CDA) policies, this brief summarizes options for delivering reparations, discusses the policy model for delivering CDAs, and elaborates that model’s implications for the structure of a reparations policy.

For a fuller treatment of these matters, see “A Policy Platform to Deliver Black Reparations: Building on Evidence from Child Development Accounts” in the special double issue of RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences.

Project: SEED for Oklahoma  Kids (SEED OK)


Shanks, T. R., Huang, J., Elliott, W., III, Zheng, H., Clancy, M. M., & Sherraden, M. (2024). Asset-building policy and Black reparations: Effective delivery and wealth accumulation (CSD Research Brief No. 24-07). Washington University, Center for Social Development. https://doi.org/10.7936/4tyz-z454