Core Faculty and Staff
​Michael Sherraden ​CSD Founding Director profile
Shenyang Guo CSD ​Research Director profile

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​Sondra Beverly ​CSD Senior Scholar, SEED for Oklahoma Kids profile
Margaret M. Clancy   
CSD Policy Director
CSD Director, College Savings Initiative
Project Director, SEED for Oklahoma Kids
Lissa Johnson ​CSD Director of Administration
Project Director,  A.D.D. and Youth Development
Chris Leiker ​Lead Publications Editor profile
Gena Gunn McClendon ​Director, Voter Access and Engagement and Financial Capability and Asset Building initiatives
Jill Young Miller  
Communications Specialist​
Mark Schreiner ​CSD Senior Scholar, Youth Save and SEED for Oklahoma Kids profile
Margaret Sherraden ​Research Professor profile​
Tanika Spencer
​Program Coordinator for Operations and Events profile
​CSD International Director
Project Director, Global Assets, Youth Save and Next Age Institute