Native Assets
The Center for Social Development's research on Native Families and Communities examines the effectiveness of asset-building policies in Native communities, identifies policy gaps and shortcomings, and suggests improvements. ​ This research seeks to inform design of asset-building policies at the state and federal levels to make them truly inclusive of Native communities. In addition, this work increases opportunities for tribes and Native peoples to examine the importance of asset building to their communities, and to establish and express informed positions on asset-building policy.
In partnership with the Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies, CSD offers opportunities for Native American graduate students at the Brown School to assist with research projects and policy development initiatives on asset building in Native communities. In its research and policy work, CSD also collaborates with individual Native American tribes and with several native-focused organizations such as the National Congress of American Indians, First Nations Development Institute, First Nations Oweesta Corp., and Native Nations Institute.