Southern Regional Asset Building Coalition

​Mission: To advance state, regional, and national policies that build a lifetime of economic security for families and communities.

The Center for Social Development serves as technical adviser for the Southern Regional Asset Building Coalition (SRABC). The coalition seeks to raise awareness and advance strategies and policies that address economic challenges in the South, and is composed of these partner coalitions: The Alabama Asset Building Coalition,  Louisiana Building Economic Security Together and Coalition for a Prosperous Mississippi.

Established in 2006, SRABC began its work in collaboration with faculty and staff at the George Washington Carver Agricultural Experiment Station at Tuskegee University.  Partner organizations included:  the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, Mississippi Association of Cooperatives, Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University, and Florida Family Network.  Together these institutions enabled local coalitions in the member states to develop the necessary capacity to address statewide and regional challenges often associated with low- and moderate-wealth individuals and communities. Nearly 10 years later, SRABC now serves as a forum to highlight common social and economic challenges among southern states, disseminate information about asset-building programs and initiatives, and develop new strategies to deliver asset-building programs and policies.  By leveraging mutual interests and resources across the South, SRABC seeks the removal of structural barriers to asset building and wealth creation. As a regional convener, SRABC facilitates unique partnerships and collaborations between its member coalitions and supports each agency in advancing state, regional and national policies that promote economic security over a lifetime for low- to moderate-wealth individuals and families. 

In pursuing its mission, SRABC provides asset development guidance, information that supports policy development, and support for programs that enhance the quality of life for families across the region, such as financial literacy and education programs, access to mainstream financial services, Individual Development Account programs, land ownership initiatives, and pre- and post-hurricane recovery strategies.

A key practice to achieve the SRABC mission is an annual convening held in the region. Annual conferences bring researchers, policymakers, funders and other key stakeholders together to share findings and strategies for advancing social and economic equity for low- and moderate- wealth individuals, families and communities, and for closing of the persistent racial wealth gap. 



The 2014 SRABC Conference "Closing the Racial Wealth Gap: Innovative Solutions for Change" was September 24-26 in New Orleans. More than 200 people from 14 states and the District of Columbia attended. To read the 2014 Conference Report, click here​.

Faculty Director


Project Director 

Gena Gunn McClendon