Students who experience violence/abuse have lower GPAs than those who do not. Read more.
Most economic well-being measures ignore long-term priorities like saving for retirement and children's college education. Read more.
SEED for Oklahoma Kids is the first experiment examining the impact of CDAs on parental educational expectations for young children. Read more.
Effects of a Tax-Time Savings Experiment on Material and Health Care Hardship Among Low-Income Filers
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Expand Paid Family and Medical Leave
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The Center for Social Development congratulates Buder Scholars Shanondora Billiot, PhD, and Jessica Black, PhD, on their new faculty positions at the University of Illinois School of Social Work and the University of Alaska Fairbanks, respectively.
Four states have created statewide Child Development Account policies, and a new report from the Center for Social Development describes them in detail with the intent of informing new initiatives in the United States. Researchers identify 10 key design components.

Next week, leading human resources executives are coming to Washington University to discuss how companies can help alleviate their employees’ financial stresses. Registration for this free event closes Thursday!

​The Center for Social Development and Prosperity Now work to advance the financial well-being of households with limited income. With this primer, we provide employers an overview of workplace-based financial wellness services.

​In their book to be released this fall, Smart Decarceration Initiative co-directors Carrie Pettus-Davis and Matthew Epperson show how decreasing the incarcerated population is not only possible, but also potentially beneficial.

​To encourage families to save for college, California has adopted the Every Kid Counts Act, which provides $3 million to fund a matching grant program. Margaret Clancy, CSD policy director, serves on the advisory committee.