The Criminal Brand: America’s Invisible Class

Youth Development

We are working to expand the audience of testimonies from youth and children affected by the cycle of incarceration, violence and disenfranchisement. This project has four goals: (1) to focus greater attention on the effect mass incarceration has on families, youth and children; (2) to provide a digital interface and interdisciplinary platform to explore the effects of parental incarceration on youth; (3) to compile a digital archive of sound-based testimonials of youth, children and adult children of incarcerated individuals; and (4) to conduct research forums to develop success strategies that empower and support youth affected by parental incarceration.

Principal Investigators

Sheretta Butler-Barnes

CSD Faculty Director; Washington University in St. Louis
Youth Development

Sowande Mustakeem, PhD

Associate Professor, Washington University in St. Louis


Lissa Johnson

CSD Associate Director; Director of Administration;
Co-Director Financial Capability and Asset Building