News from CSD - 2011
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​Michael Sherraden’s book, Assets and the Poor: A New American Welfare Policy, broke new ground on social policy in 1991. Twenty years later, its impact still is being felt around the world.
Population aging is a major concern across the globe, and nowhere is the challenge more daunting than in China. By 2050, China’s seniors will total 480 million — one-third of its entire population.
​The report, coauthored by Benjamin Lough and seven other scholars, is unprecedented in its scope, comprehensively documenting the contributions of volunteers to economic and social development throughout the world.
Robert Putnam, Malkin Professor of Public Policy at Harvard and author of the acclaimed "Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community," suggests that regular church attendance and a close relationship with your Aunt Susan may make life with a low or moderate income stable, secure, satisfying, and successful.
​Early findings on institutional context for youth savings products in each of the YouthSave countries reflect the perspectives of key informants from partner institutions, financial institutions, and government ministries for youth and development.
​A recently released CSD report examines the program design of all state 529 savings match programs and offers recommendations aimed to facilitate access, increase program participation and perhaps reduce administrative costs.
​The YouthSave Learning Agenda published by the Center for Social Development at Washington University articulates the questions and methods that guide YouthSave research.
​Post-9/11 disabled veterans furthered their education, improved employment prospects and continued to serve their community through participating in The Mission Continues’ Fellowship Program, finds a new study by CSD.
As the global population ages, the concept of “productive aging” offers a new perspective on meeting the challenges of an aging society.
​In August, over 300 gerontology scholars from mainland China, the US, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore as well as governments officials and practitioners from the China National Committee on Aging and the Ministry of Civil Affairs will come together at Peking University to discuss strategies to address population aging.
​Worldwide, people aged 60 and above will comprise 13.6 percent of the population by 2020, and 22.1 percent of the population by 2050. China is the most rapidly aging country with older adults making up 13 percent of their population.
International volunteer service is increasingly seen at a broad range of institutions of higher education in a multitude of forms.
​Evidence supporting the link between savings and college success is growing. Three studies out of the Center for Social Development (CSD) at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis offer a connection between assets and college enrollment and completion.
Christina D. Romer, PhD, former chair of President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, will deliver a keynote address to open a panel discussion on “The Continuing Unemployment Crisis: Causes, Cures, and Questions for Further Study” at 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 12, in the Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom of Anheuser-Busch Hall.
William Elliott III, Faculty Associate at the Center for Social Development at Washington University’s Brown School, will present his research on children’s savings and educational outcomes at 1:00 pm, April 8, 2011, in Brown Lounge.
​​The national Basic Economic Securities Table (BEST) Index provides a broad view of the state of the nation’s workers—the expenses they face, their resources, and their prospects for achieving the financial stability so critical to the nation’s future.
​Earnings in 529s grow free from federal income tax when used to pay for qualified educational costs. Many states, like Oregon, offer a tax deduction for families saving in the state 529 plan. Yet tax incentives provide more benefit to people with higher incomes.
​The Center for Social Development (CSD) and the Gephardt Institute for Public Service at Washington University in St. Louis and DukeEngage of Duke University will host a symposium on international service and higher education from March 30-April 1 at the Knight Center at Washington University.
David Githinji, an MSW student at the Brown School and a Research Assistant at the School’s Center for Social Development (CSD), has been awarded a $5,000 Social Change Grant by the Richard A. Gephardt Institute for Public Service at Washington University in St. Louis.
The first public event of Washington University's Livable Lives Initiative will highlight policy responses to employment and unemployment. Christina Romer, Former Chair of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisors, will be the keynote speaker.
​Striving to Save: Creating Policies for Financial Security of Low-Income Families was published in February, 2010 to acclaim from economist Stuart Rutherford, Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Treasury Michael Barr, and Director of Brandeis’s Institute on Assets Thomas Shapiro.
​The Center for Social Development congratulates Michal Grinstein-Weiss on her receipt of the Deborah K. Padgett Early Career Achievement Award from the Society for Social Work and Research. Professor Grinstein-Weiss is an alumna of the Brown School and a former Research Associate and Post-Doctoral Fellow at CSD, She is now an Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina.