News from CSD - 2012
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When every dollar is spent on necessities like diapers, gasoline and utilities, saving for college may be the furthest thing from a new parent’s mind.
​​Asset building policy is rapidly increasing throughout Asia in response to rising inequality and aging populations.
​As the Dec. 1 college application deadline looms, many prospective students are no doubt aware of the burden that comes with a college education.
​​Dr. Michal Grinstein-Weiss is the newly appointed associate director of the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis.
​The Conference on Lifelong Asset Building: Strategies and Innovations in Asia, taking place this weekend in Beijing, will harness the experiences and brainpower of leading scholars, policy makers, practitioners, corporate leaders and funders from around the world.
​Gail Hillebrand of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will visit the George Warren Brown School of Social Work on Thursday, Oct. 25, as part of the Center for Social Development’s Financial Capability Lecture Series.
​​If you build it, will they save? A groundbreaking study aims to find out, determining whether the opportunity and the product features will entice youth in developing countries to bank their money.
​​Do Ghanaian youth have money? How do they get it? What do they do with it? These are questions we are beginning to answer in YouthSave using data from a baseline survey of over 6,000 in-school youth.
​The Center for Social Development (CSD) was a key sponsor of the Africa Conference on Volunteer Action for Peace and Development (ACVAPD) that highlighted the contributions of youth service to environmental sustainability, health, peace, and regional integration across the African continent.
​The Assets@21 symposium provided an opportunity to take stock of the field’s progress since the publication of Michael Sherraden’s 1991 ground-breaking book, "Assets and the Poor."
A gift of $750,000 from Wells Fargo Advisors will fund the Financial Capability and Asset Building program in the Brown School’s Center for Social Development (CSD).
Sheldon Garon, the world’s leading historian in “popular savings” initiatives, will speak and answer questions at Washington University on Thursday, April 26.
Symposium on International Research and Innovation will examine the process and experiences of building international research partnerships and highlight innovations in economic empowerment and financial inclusion in international settings.
​New research conducted by Brown School Assistant Professor Aaron Hipp finds that even neighborhoods with close proximity to large public parks have high health disparities.
​The “Work & Livable Lives Conference” addressed current employment-related challenges and how they limit the ability of U.S. households to lead secure and stable lives, raise children successfully, and contribute to the community.
​Jonathan Mintz presented on how financial empowerment programming can be woven into traditional social services to achieve a “supervitamin” effect.
​"Creating a Financial Stake in College" presents research results that show savings during childhood is associated with positive college outcomes.