News from CSD - 2016
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​​Jason Q. Purnell, assistant professor in the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis and project director of For the Sake of All, the groundbreaking initiative on the health and well-being of African-Americans in St. Louis, was named the 2016 “Person of the Year” by The St. Louis American.

​​Michal Grinstein-Weiss, associate director of the Center for Social Development, spent part of December with Israel’s leading media providing insight on the country’s new law creating Child Development Accounts, the Savings for Every Child law.

​More than 130 people attended the international symposium “People and Climate Change: Vulnerability, Adaptation, Social Justice” in November. The event, led by Washington University, National University of Singapore and the University of Tennessee–Knoxville, sharpened the focus on climate change as an environmental justice challenge. 

​The mayor of New York has announced a new child savings account to help thousands of New York City public school children save for college. City officials relied on research from the Center for Social Development to develop the three-year pilot program, which starts next fall.

​President Barack Obama awarded Elouise Cobell, an advocate for Native American financial independence, the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously.

​More than 200 people gathered for “Young, Gifted & @Risk: Promoting the mental health and emotional well-being of young people of color” at the Brown School.

​A researcher from CSD’s sister center in South Africa met with CSD staff members recently. Jacqueline Moodley works at the Centre for Social Development in Africa.

International experts on flooding, drought, extreme heat, land change and more will gather for a symposium on November 18 at the Brown School.

​A program specialist from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau helped to lead a recent professional development workshop at the Brown School, "Behind on Bills: Tools to Help Your Clients Secure Greater Financial Well-Being."

​“Financial capability and asset building” is the theme of the 60th anniversary issue of Social Work. Articles by several researchers at the Center for Social Development were published in the October 2016 special issue of the flagship journal of the National Association of Social Workers.

​The Center for Social Development hosted a seminar this month for social workers and others from South Korea, part of a larger training program focused on developing financial capability for Korean youth. 

​Benjamin Lough, PhD, faculty director of International Service for the Center for Social Development, presented at the Conference for International Volunteer Cooperation Organizations this month at the United Nations Campus in Bonn, Germany. The conference theme was increasing the resilience of communities through volunteering.

​To contribute to public discourse on how to make the United States more equitable, safe and livable for everyone, Michael Sherraden and Richard P. Barth submitted the opinion piece “12 questions for the presidential debate” to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 

“Social Security and Beyond,” hosted by AARP and the Brown School, featured Brown School professors Nancy Morrow-Howell and Timothy McBride, the Center for Social Development’s Margaret Clancy and AARP's David Certner. The forum was part of Washington University’s lead-up to the 2016 Presidential Debate on campus.

​​The American Academy of Social Work & Social Welfare has developed a list of 12 questions for candidates for president, Congress, and state and local offices. The questions stem from work at the Grand Challenges policy conference.

​Students who come out of college with debt — especially larger amounts — are more likely to face hardship and financial difficulty during their lives, finds a new study from the Center for Social Development.

We now have a photo album online from the September 14-16 Grand Challenges conference "Social Innovation for America's Renewal." 

​​U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) sent a video to welcome the more than 250 attendees of the Grand Challenges for Social Work policy conference, “Social Innovation for America’s Renewal.” 

​More than 250 experts, advocates, and leading academics from all over the United States converged on the Brown School of Social Work, outlining a comprehensive range of solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing the nation and the next administration.

​National experts, advocates and leading academics will gather at Washington University in St. Louis on Sept. 14-16 for a conference to hammer out constructive solutions to pressing social issues facing the country and the next administration.

​On August 18, the Center for Social Development received the College Kids Ambassador Award from the St. Louis Treasurer’s Office of Financial Empowerment. The award is in recognition of CSD’s outstanding contributions in societal impact, service to youth and families, leadership in asset building and financial capability, and promotion of safe and affordable financial products.

​More than 60 people from 10 states and the District of Columbia participated in the “Child Development Account Forum” on August 16 at the Brown School. The invitation-only forum was hosted by Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel and the Center for Social Development.

United Way of Greater St. Louis and Emerson are creating an Individual Development Account (IDA) program for families in north St. Louis County, United Way announced June 28. The program is part of an effort to improve the financial stability of low-income families in the St. Louis region.​

​The Smart Decarceration Initiative (SDI) has launched a two-year research project to advance “deferred prosecution” programs, thanks to funding from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation​. 

​​​The United States should create opportunities for young people to “develop the habit of service,” retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal said at a national forum in June at the Brookings Institution. “[N]othing is quite so powerful as taking a chunk of your life and dedicating it full time to service to others.”

Leaders from the Center for Social Development (CSD) formally advised the Israeli government in May on best practices for implementing the country’s new law to confer universal savings accounts on children born in Israel. ​

CSD Director Michael Sherraden was awarded an honorary doctorate in philosophy in May at Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ), among the great universities in the world. 

More than 100 people converged on Hillman Hall, at Washington University in St. Louis’ Brown School, for Influencing Social Policy’s teaching institute and 2016 national conference.
​Top Ghana officials, representatives from more than 20 financial institutions and practitioners met in April in Accra, Ghana, to learn about YouthSave research findings and how they could encourage young people to open bank accounts and save.​
New research from the Center for Social Development (CSD) at Washington University shows low- to moderate-income black students and graduates accrue $7,721 more education debt than their white counterparts. 
​​Just before this year’s tax filing deadline, U.S. Sens. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) proposed a plan to encourage Americans to build emergency funds. Under the Refund to Rainy Day Savings Act, tax filers who receive a direct-deposit tax refund could defer 20 percent of their refund by opting into the Rainy Day Savings Program.​
​Social entrepreneur Peter Nares, the founder of Prosper Canada and longtime friend of the Center for Social Development (CSD), died on April 5. He was 66. He was “a visionary with an unstoppable belief in the desire and capacity of all people to forge a decent life for themselves and their families," says CEO Elizabeth Mulholland.​
We are pleased to share news from and highlight ongoing collaborations with our global partners the Centre for Social Development Asia, at the National University of Singapore (NUS), and the Centre for Social Development in Africa, at the University of Johannesburg.
The Singapore government announced on March 24 that it has significantly expanded Child Development Accounts (CDAs). The expansion is an automatic deposit into the CDAs of all newborns in the amount of S$3,000, which is US$2,220 at current exchange rates. 
Families’ costs have decreased for Missouri’s MOST 529 college savings plan, and now there is no minimum deposit required to open an account. Under a new agreement, annual expenses declined for the MOST 529 Direct Plan age-based funds to 0.23 percent, or $2.30 for every $1,000 invested.
​The Collaboration on Race, Inequality, and Social Mobility in America (CRISMA) examines the impact of inequality and structural racism on people of color in our country. 
​Every student--in public, private and home schools--in Salem City, N.J., will have access to a seed deposit in a 529 college savings account starting in April, officials announced Monday.
In the midst of tax season, leaders from philanthropy, policy, practice and academia convened in at the Federal Reserve Ban​k of New York for a symposium about using tax time to build Americans’ financial capability.​
​Honoring his legacy and his leadership in the Center for Social Development’s founding in 1994, the center has established the CSD Shanti Khinduka Social Work Research Fellowship for Social Innovation. This annual $10,000 fellowship aims to support a Brown School faculty member conducting applied research on a policy or practice innovation. 
​​An ambitious call to action on pressing social problems in America was issued January 14 at the Society for Social Work and Research annual conference in Washington, D.C. The 12 Grand Challenges for Social Work define a far-reaching agenda to promote individual and family well-being, a stronger social fabric and a just society.
​Tax season is here, and it’s important for income tax preparers to have the tools to prompt low- to moderate-income clients to save. Download The Volunteer Income Tax Preparer's Toolkit.
Jason Q. Purnell, the Center for Social Development’s faculty director of Community Engagement, delivered remarks at the 29th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Celebration at Washington University.​
​​In the long tradition of the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, CSD is guided by commitments to social justice, inclusion, and the social and economic development of everyone. Our newly published Report to the Community provides an updated overview of CSD’s work and plans.
​​Nearly 50 scholars, educators, researchers and macro social work practitioners met in January in Washington, D.C., for the convening on Financial Capability & Asset Building: Moving Forward. The event featured four experts from federal government and academia who spoke about policy, research and funding.
Michal Grinstein-Weiss, CSD associate director, spent part of December traveling in Israel on an important mission: to spread the word about how Israel can best implement its new law to provide universal child savings accounts, known in the United States as Child Development Accounts, to all newborns.