2010 News

Next Progressive Era offers insights and ideas to move America forward

Progressives 100 years ago were deeply concerned about vast income inequalities, concentrated corporate power, a weak labor movement, and high immigration rates. They also worried about threats to small-scale producers and retailers, middle-class debt levels, environmental degradation, unsafe food, terrorism, religious fundamentalism, and the deteriorating quality of family life. Sound familiar?

What can we learn from the original Progressives, whose stunning reforms changed America forever? Please join us on Wednesday, January 27, at noon in Brown Lounge to hear Phillip Longman and Ray Boshara, authors of  “The Next Progressive Era,” offer historical insights as well as bold, fresh—and achievable—ideas to move America forward at this transformative moment in our history.

Q & A and a brief reception will follow the presentation. Copies of The Next Progressive Era will be available for sale.

Continuing education credits will be offered.