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People and Climate Change: Vulnerability, Adaptation, Social Justice

Date: November 18, 2016
Location: ​Brown School of Social Work

This one-day symposium explored the human impacts of climate change, the social responses necessary for transformational solutions, and the policy implications of such solutions. Key speakers included experts on flooding, drought, heat, urbanization, adaptation, and indigenous health—representing research from the United States, Latin America, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

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8:30 Welcome to Washington University in St. Louis Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton Welcome Dean Mary McKay 8:35 Symposium opening remarks Lisa Reyes Mason, University of Tennessee 9:00 “Building social resilience: A perspective from the World Bank” Margaret Arnold, World Bank 9:30 Gender and water stress Moderator: Michael Sherraden, Washington University “Water insecurity in disaster and climate change contexts: A feminist political ecology view” Bernadette P. Resurrección, Stockholm Environment Institute “Coping with water insecurity: Where gender and resources intersect in urban Philippines” Lisa Reyes Mason “Gender, politics, and water” Margaret Alston, Monash University Questions and answers 10:45  Vulnerability and resilience to extreme heat and precipitation in cities Moderator: Himadri B. Pakrasi, Washington University in St. Louis “Pathways to climate justice in a desert metropolis” Sharon L. Harlan, Northeastern University “Forming climate resiliency: Adaption and transformation of the socio-ecological systems in the lower Mississippi River delta” John Hoal, Washington University in St. Louis “Collaborative roles to ensure the health and safety of citizens during extreme weather events” Maida Coleman, Missouri Public Service Commission Questions and answers 1:30   “Food and Water–Our Two Most Dangerous Vulnerabilities to Climate Change” Brant Walker, mayor of Alton, Illinois, Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative 2:00  Land change, wellness, and indigenous communities Moderator: Lisa Reyes Mason “Climate change impacts on indigenous populations: Case studies from around the world” Sherilee Harper, University of Guelph, Canada “Reclaiming land: Adaptation activities and challenges to environmental changes within indigenous communities” Shanondora Billiot, Washington University in St. Louis Questions and answers 3:15     Social policy and climate change: Innovation, design, delivery Moderator: Michael Sherraden “Learning from communities’ resilience to climate change: Policy implications for two marginalized societies in Uganda” Shuaib Lwasa, Makerere University “Urban development, vulnerabilities, and disasters: Does social justice matter?” Rita Padawangi, National University of Singapore “Champions of crisis: Untold stories and unlikely heroes in underserved Detroit and Baltimore” Tessa Kaneene, Institute for Sustainable Communities Questions and answers 4:30    Symposium wrap-up: “Proactive Response and Inclusive Adaptation” Michael Sherraden