David Ansong

CSD Faculty Director; University of North Carolina
Financial Capability and Asset Building (FCAB) in Africa; Global Asset Building: Innovations in Policies and Services

David Ansong is a CSD faculty director from the University of North Carolina. His research focuses on global asset building, policies, and services, with particular expertise in Ghana.

Faculty profile

CSD Projects

Financial Capability & Asset Building​ in Africa (FCAB Africa)

Asset Building

The Financial Capability & Asset Building in Africa (FCAB Africa) initiative aims to increase financial capability and asset holding among socially and financially marginalized populations in Africa. By improving financial stability and security in these populations, the initiative seeks to strengthen their social and economic well-being.


Global Assets Project

Global Asset Building

Our collaboration with the New America Foundation’s Asset Building Program seeks to inform and promote development of asset-building policies and programs worldwide. 


Global Asset Building

This initiative in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya and Nepal was to understand conditions for delivery of savings products and services to improve the lives of low-income youth.