David A. Patterson Silver Wolf

CSD Faculty Director; Washington University in St. Louis
Native Families and Communities,
Race, Inequality, and Social Mobility

David Patterson Silver Wolf is a CSD faculty director in the Brown School at Washington University and co-leads the Collaboration on Race, Inequality, and Social Mobility in America (CRISMA). His research focuses on youth, and native families and communities.

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CSD Publications

CSD Projects

Costs of Upward Social Mobility

Racial Discrimination and Health

We examine racial and ethnic differences in depression, including the effects of socioeconomic position and discrimination.

Increasing Student Retention in Forest Park Community College

Building Youth Resilience

We test whether a brief social belonging intervention will increase retention rates at a community college.

Native Assets

Asset Building

Our research examines the effectiveness of asset-building policies in Native communities and seeks to inform policy design to make inclusive asset-building policies.