Trina R. Shanks

CSD Faculty Director; University of Michigan
Inclusion in Asset Building: Toward Universal and Progressive Policies

Trina R. Shanks is a CSD faculty director from the University of Michigan and network co-lead of the Reduce Extreme Inequality grand challenge for social work. Her CSD research focuses on inclusive social policy innovations in asset building.

Faculty profile

CSD Projects

American Dream Policy Demonstration (ADD)

Asset Building

This is the first large-scale demonstration of Individual Development Accounts, with approximately 2,400 accounts opened at 13 sites across the country. 

Grand Challenges for Social Work

The Grand Challenges for Social Work sets an agenda for social innovation by identifying and charting a course to address 12 grand challenges dominating the current social context in the United States.

Wealth Building in Rural America Project

Asset Building

We research asset development in rural America with a focus on underserved populations

Choices of Life for Adolescence Success (CLASS) Project

Youth Development

This study assesses African-American freshman and sophomore students’ decisions to remain in high school and their opinions regarding dropout prevention programs. 

Inclusion in Asset Building: Research and Policy Symposium

Asset Building

We held a research and policy symposium on knowledge foundations and policy strategies to enable low-wealth individuals to build assets.

College Success: Increasing Access through Inclusion in 529 Plans

Asset Building

CSD seeks to inform and put in place an inclusive 529 platform for educational savings to increase postsecondary degree success among lower-income children, youth, and non-traditional students.

SEED National Initiative

Asset Building

We test asset-building accounts for children and youth to create an inclusive system of Child Development Accounts in 12 communities across the U.S. SEED included more than 1,200 low-income children and their families.