Special issue proposes a path to economic progress in Africa

Bringing together evidence from a diverse network of researchers and practitioners in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the March special issue of Global Social Welfare highlights the Center for Social Development’s focus on improving economic well-being for marginalized populations on the continent. The issue, “Financial Capability and Assets for Socioeconomic Development,” was developed through the Financial Capability […]

CSD and Partners Launch New Multinational Collaboration in Africa

Mobile phones have become commonplace in sub-Saharan Africa. There, as in other parts of the world, financial technology has proliferated with the expansion of digital access, opening new doors to financial products and services. But this emerging landscape requires financial acumen, and sound guidance can be hard to find.

On July 15, a multinational group of partners gathered virtually to mark the launch of Financial Capability and Asset Building in Africa (FCAB Africa), a new collaboration aimed at meeting these needs.

FCAB Africa: Summary of Achievements as of July 2021

Center for Social Development. (2021, July). FCAB Africa: Summary of achievements as of July 2021 (CSD Fact Sheet No. 21-13). Washington University, Center for Social Development. https://doi.org/10.7936/j5rd-tr36

Youth Savings Patterns and Performance in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal

Johnson, L., Lee, Y., Ansong, D., Sherraden, M., Chowa, G., Ssewamala, F., … Saavedra, J. (2016, April). Youth savings patterns and performance in Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nepal (CSD Fact Sheet No. 16-10). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.