Asset Building Financial Inclusion Working Paper

Everything You Own Belongs to the Land: Land, Community, and History in Tillery, North Carolina

This paper explores the dynamic that I first encountered in my interactions with black farmers in Eastern North Carolina and seeks to bring together two areas of research in hopes that each can illuminate the other. The first has to do with the role of wealth and assets on the political, educational, and economic outcomes of disadvantaged Americans. The second issue is related to themes of assets and wealth, but adds to this body of literature a new line of inquiry into land ownership in rural, African-American communities in the Southern United States.

Project: State Assets Policy Project


Miller, D. J. (2003). Everything you own belongs to the land: Land, community, and history in Tillery, North Carolina (CSD Working Paper No. 03-22). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.