Asset Building Financial Inclusion Presentations & Webinars

Active Partnerships: Working Together and Working for the Field

The conference structure allowed for a keynote speech followed by related panel presentations from a group of asset-building policy experts. The keynote plenary speech, by Dr. Michael Sherraden, focused on the bigger picture of assets policy development and set the tone for the panel presentations and discussions that followed. The presentations sought to 1) highlight the benefits and challenges of an existing universal policy; 2) explore impediments to asset building and the need for universal protection; 3) illustrate how one specific policy action could better assist low-income populations to more effectively utilize universal asset-building policies; and 4) present an overview of the current policies that might shape a universal asset-building system.

Project: State Assets Policy Project


Heffern, J., Gunn, G., & Edwards, K. (2008). Active partnerships: Working together and working for the field (CSD Conference Report No. 08-10). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.