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United Way: New tax law could delay your refund
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Continuing our push forward toward equality
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Hosted the 2016 International Forum on Self-help Welfare for the vision of the policy to support the independence of the poor [Korean]
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Hosted the ‘Self-help Welfare International Forum’ for the vision of supporting the independence of the poor [Korean]
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Korea, the United States, Germany, Japan seeking policies to support the poor: The 2016 International Forum for Self-help Welfare [Korean]
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Low-income earners need to save tax returns
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Low-income earners need to save tax returns
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New York seeks to jump-start college savings by giving cash to kindergartners’ parents
The New York Times,   November 21, 2016

Conference to address climate change and social justice
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America’s original artisans go back to the land
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Economic justice on list of key social work issues
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Black-white disparity in student loan debt more than triples after graduation
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12 Grand Challenges gain momentum at Brown School forum
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12 Grand Challenges gain momentum at Brown School forum
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Mass incarceration could be costing the United States over $1 trillion a year
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Joe Madison – Washington University professors – Mass incarceration
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The full cost of incarceration in the U.S. is over $1 trillion, study finds
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The true cost of mass incarceration exceeds $1 trillion
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Incarceration in the U.S. costs more than $1 trillion a year, Washington University study claims
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Brown School conference to focus on ‘12 Grand Challenges’ for America
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Private prisons to be phased out, Obama administration seeks higher goal
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Screening for suicide risk among urban children vitally important
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City must meet legal requirement to fund affordable housing
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NorthSide to build 500 residential units over next 5 years​
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To change poor students’ perceptions, change their realities​
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8k children take part in YouthSave​
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​Promoting financial inclusion through innovations in banking young people​
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