SEED for Oklahoma Kids

The SEED for Oklahoma Kids (SEED OK) experiment, a large-scale study with randomly selected newborn children, is among the most important policy tests of Child Development Accounts (CDAs) in the United States. As the first randomized, controlled trial of a universal and progressive CDA in the country, SEED OK research aims to assess CDA feasibility while investigating short- and long-term impacts on savings for children, parents’ expectations and behaviors, and children’s developmental outcomes. Read key findings and conclusions from SEED OK research here.

CSD designed the research program, carries out two research methods, and disseminates knowledge to the public and policymakers. In addition, CSD manages the SEED OK experiment​, modeling progressive and universal policy while coordinating with Oklahoma state agencies. Planning for SEED OK began in 2004, and the initiative continues​​​​.


Faculty Director


Michael Sherraden


​​Project Director


​Margaret Clancy