Child Development Accounts

First suggested by CSD Director Michael Sherraden in his book "Assets and the Poor, Child Development Accounts (CDAs) are savings or investment accounts that begin as early as birth. CDAs allow parents and children to accumulate savings for post-secondary education, homeownership or business initiatives. In many cases, public and private matching funds are deposited into these accounts to supplement savings for the child.

CSD is leading an innovative experiment in Oklahoma—SEED for Oklahoma Kids (SEED OK)—that tests the impact of giving every child a CDA at birth for post-secondary education. The experiment is intended to model and inform a national CDA policy in the United States. CSD also has played a major research role in SEED (Saving for Education, Entrepreneurship, and Downpayment), a national research initiative on CDAs that laid the groundwork for SEED OK.

At an international level, CSD has provided expert consulation to Canada, the United Kingdom and Singapore, which have implemented national CDA policies. Through the Global Assets Project (GAP), CSD conducts research on pilot CDA programs in developed and developing countries.