Envisioning Community Land Trusts

A Toolkit for Public Dialogue

The policies and market forces that shape housing production in the United States have led to massive failures and injustices, including but not limited to crises of housing affordability and eviction; extreme wealth inequality mapped onto patterns of segregation by race, ethnicity, and social class; and communities displaced both by disinvestment and by gentrification.

The Community Land Trust (CLT) model emerged out of the Civil Rights Movement as one means by which historically oppressed communities could reclaim control of housing and land use decisions, in order to create more equitable opportunities and realize housing justice.

The “Envisioning Community Land Trust” series reflects a collaboration between students of CSD faculty director Dr. Molly W. Metzger and two community partners: elected officials and community organizations in Webster Groves, Missouri, and the Green City Coalition in the City of St. Louis. The intention of this series is to make scholarship on CLTs more accessible to the public, in order to foster robust community engagement concerning new possibilities for this model in the St. Louis region.

This collaboration was supported by a community planning grant from the Gephardt Institute.

Principal Investigator

Molly Metzger

Molly Metzger

CSD Faculty Director; ​​Washington University in St. Louis
Inclusive Housing: Racial and Class Diversity in Urban Communities
Community Engagement


Bringing a CLT to Webster Groves, MO

By Lacy Broemel, Jun-Hong Chen, Louis Damani Jones, KJ McMichael, and Kaila Pedersen

CLT Policy Playbook

By Shraddha Bandaru, Taylor Brown, Ethan Goldstein, Angee Serwin, and Peter Taylor

Tools to Support CLT Leadership that Reflects the Community

By Lucy Chin, Nia Montoute, Taylor Morton, Sarah Nash, and Jordan Whiters

Case Studies of CLT in Peer Cities

By David Blount, Madelyn Brandt, Kristina Ericson, and Micah Prior

Equitable Economic Development via CLTs

By Valerie Butterbredt, Emma Nordmeyer, and Mary Shannon