I Can Save

Financial Capability

I Can Save tests the effects of financial education and matched college savings on low-income elementary school students at one of the SEED National Initiative sites. The study focuses on how financial education and saving affect students’ financial literacy, academic engagement and plans for college. The research will inform development of a school-based college savings and financial education program for all children. Research in I Can Save is a joint effort of CSD and University of Missouri-St. Louis.  Funding Partners: Center for Social Development, F. B. Heron Foundation, Lumina Foundation for Education, and University of Missouri Research Board

Principal Investigator

Margaret Sherraden

CSD Research Professor; Washington University in St. Louis​
Financial Capability: Combining Access and Abilities,
Civic Service and Engagement

Project Director

Lissa Johnson

CSD Associate Director; Director of Administration;
Co-Director Financial Capability and Asset Building