2018 News

Poster highlights CSD’s Environment and Social Development project

Global environmental changes affect people worldwide, with impacts that are not just physical, but also social and economic. These changes affect family and community stability, social relationships, health ̶ and sometimes survival.

At the Center for Social Development, we are grateful to the International Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (InCEES) for highlighting our Environment and Social Development initiative. InCEES commissioned a powerful poster about our initiative and displayed it at the September 29 Greensfelder Forum Awards Program & Dinner, at the St. Louis Zoo. (Kika Tuff, founder of Impact Media Lab, created the poster.)

The event honored distinguished leaders in energy, environment and sustainability, which honored six Washington University in St. Louis alumni. About 200 people attended.

Addressing the impacts of climate change requires partnerships, and we certainly appreciate our continuing partnership with InCEES.

Here is a larger version of the poster. Be sure to read the part about our upcoming book “People and Climate Change: Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Social Justice,” edited by Lisa Reyes Mason and Jonathan Rigg.