Expert: We must understand racial segregation’s history to remedy it

Warning that “we are going to see many more Fergusons in this country,” Richard Rothstein recounts the history of government’s role in racial segregation, in a video created for our event “Inclusive Housing: A Public Forum for Policy Action in St. Louis.”

Public forum aims to reshape housing policy in St. Louis metro

Despite the passage of the Fair Housing Act in 1968, stark racial and economic segregation in housing continues. On Oct. 22, the Center for Social Development and the Clark-Fox Policy Institute hosted “Inclusive Housing: A Public Forum for Policy Action in St. Louis.”

Two new St. Louis laws confront housing segregation

Two new laws in St. Louis will expand housing options for Section 8 renters in the city. Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia sponsored the measures, which were influenced by recent research at Washington University in St. Louis.​

Interdisciplinary efforts on economic fragility spark new book, May 28 policy discussion in D.C.

The Great Recession and its aftermath — slow recovery, unemployment, underemployment and economic malaise — have produced an era unseen since the Great Depression. In an effort to study causes and find solutions, Washington University in St. Louis faculty from across disciplines are examining economic insecurity through the university’s Livable Lives Initiative.

Livable Lives research investigates local residents’ relationships to local public parks

Prior research would suggest that parks are an important element of a livable life. Evidence has connected physical activity, psychological restoration, and social health to proximity to parks and sites of recreation. This research, however, is primarily based on samples of university students and western European populations who are financially comfortable.

Economist Christina Romer to speak at Washington University

The first public event of Washington University’s Livable Lives Initiative will highlight policy responses to employment and unemployment. Christina Romer, Former Chair of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, will be the keynote speaker.