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Creating Community in a United States City: Bangladeshi Women Share Their Immigrant Experiences

Immigrant Bangladeshi women in the United States are largely an undocumented and unclassified population because they usually follow their husbands to the United States in pursuit of the husband’s career opportunities. Before the journey abroad, the women’s anticipated immigrant experiences are often idealized by themselves as well as those living in Bangladesh. Upon arrival in the United States, the women often confront challenges and successes that remain a mystery to those who remain in Bangladesh. Likewise, this growing population’s needs and experiences in the United States are virtually unknown to most Americans. This research report shares the immigrant experiences of eight Bangladeshi women living in the United States in order to explore how these women have built community in foreign surroundings. The information in this research report is meant to demystify the immigrant experience for those who remain in Bangladesh and inform social service providers in the United States about immigrant women’s community building skills and social support needs for future provisions.


Larance, L. Y., & Malik, R. (2001). Creating community in a United States city: Bangladeshi women share their immigrant experiences (CSD Policy Report No. 01-25). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development