Asset Building Financial Inclusion Working Paper

School-Based Savings Programs, 1930-2002

The purpose of this research is to identify historical precedents of school-based savings for contemporary asset-building policy and programs for children and youth. This is the second of two CSD Working Papers covering the history of school-based savings programs. The first paper covers the early history of school savings banking during the Progressive-era, 1870-1930. This paper focuses on school-based savings programs from the early 1930s to contemporary times. Ultimately, this research aims to discover how these historical and contemporary school-based savings programs were started and managed, who has participated in them, their underlying values, their results and impacts, and implications for future asset-based programs for children and youth.

Project: SEED National Initiative


Cruce, A. (2002). School-based savings programs, 1930–2002 (CSD Working Paper No. 02-7). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.