Asset Building Financial Inclusion Working Paper

Economic Empowerment as a Health Care Intervention Among Orphaned Children in Rural Uganda

This study evaluated an economic empowerment intervention to reduce HIV risks among orphaned children in Uganda. Children (n=97) were randomly assigned to receive an economic intervention or to a control arm. Data obtained at baseline and 12-month follow-up revealed differences on HIV prevention attitudes, educational plans, and child-caregiver relationship for intervention arm children relative to control children. Findings lend support to use of economic empowerment interventions for HIV risk reduction among orphaned children.


Ssewamala, F. M., Alicea, S., Bannon, W. M., & Ismayilova, L. (2006). Economic empowerment as a health care intervention among orphaned children in rural Uganda (CSD Working Paper No. 06-16). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.