Asset Building Financial Inclusion Report

Dialogues on Assets in Native Communities: Recording a Native Perspective on the Definition and Benefits of Retaining and Building Assets

The primary purposes of this study are to explore how a Native community defines assets, to learn more about asset holdings in a Native community, and to understand how wealthbuilding strategies might work best in an American Indian cultural context. In addition to learning more about assets, we set out to utilize the community-based participatory research model to engage our community partner (a Native tribal land grant college) in conducting this research.

Project: Dialogues on Assets in Native Communities


Hertel, A. L., Wagner, K., Phillips, J., Edwards, K., & Hale, J. (2008). Dialogues on assets in Native communities: Recording a Native perspective on the definition and benefits of retaining and building assets (CSD-Buder Report No. 08-19). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.