Asset Building Financial Inclusion Report

The Effects of Holding Assets on Social and Economic Outcomes of Families: A Review of Theory and Evidence

Poor Finances: Assets and Low-Income Households is a series of reports on poverty, asset building, and social policy. The purpose of the series is to assess the nascent state of knowledge and policy development and to synthesize recent progress in these areas. This report in the series, “Effects of Asset Holding,” provides a conceptual framework on the effects of asset holding and reviews the empirical literature based on this framework. The report distills the main findings on how assets influence economic, social, psychological, and child well-being and provides empirical support for the benefits of asset building.

Project: Poor Finances: Assets and Low-Income Households


Lerman, R., & McKernan, S. M. (2008). The effects of holding assets on social and economic outcomes of families: A review of theory and evidence (Report in the series Poor Finances: Assets and Low-Income Households). Washington, DC: Urban Institute, Washington University Center for Social Development, and New America Foundation.