Asset Building Financial Inclusion Report

SEED Account Monitoring Research: Participants, Savings, and Accumulation

Saving for Education, Entrepreneurship, and Downpayment (SEED) is a policy, practice, and research initiative to test the efficacy of and inform a national Child Development Account (CDA) policy in the United States. CDAs are accounts for children that provide a structured opportunity to save and accumulate assets. Through asset accumulation, children may have improved educational and other outcomes (Conley, 2001; Elliott, Sherraden, Johnson, Johnson, & Peterson, 2007; Schreiner & Sherraden, 2007; Sherraden, 1991; Williams Shanks, 2007). This report addresses three
Account Monitoring research questions:
1. Who are SEED participants?
2. How much was saved and accumulated in SEED accounts?
3. What factors are associated with savings and accumulation in SEED?


Mason, L. R., Nam, Y., Clancy, M., Loke, V., & Kim, Y. (2009). SEED account monitoring research: Participants, savings, and accumulation (CSD Research Report No. 09-05). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.