Global Asset Building Report

Children & Youth as Economic Citizens: Review of Research on Financial Capability, Financial Inclusion, and Financial Education

The vision of Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) is that all children and youth realize their full potential as economic citizens. For CYFI, economic citizenship is essential to the social and economic well-being of children, families, communities, and countries. In March 2011, CFYI asked members of its Research Working Group to write a paper addressing what is known from the research about key components of the organization’s model of economic citizenship among children and youth. We focus on three key components of economic citizenship in this review of research: financial capability, financial inclusion, and financial education.

Project: Global Assets Project


Child and Youth Finance International. (2012). Children and youth as economic citizens: Review of research on financial capability, financial inclusion, and financial education (Research Working Group Report). Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Author.