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Beyond Improved Access: Seasonal and Multidimensional Water Security in Urban Philippines

Water is a basic human right that is still not ensured for many people worldwide. Essential for human health and development, water security is an increasingly important area for social welfare research. At the household level, a common water security proxy is access to an improved source of drinking water such as piped water, a public tap, or a protected well. In urban areas of developing countries, however, recent research has identified important household disparities that regional and national statistics on improved access can mask. To extend these analyses, this study examines seasonal differences in household water security—an emerging priority area due to urbanization, population growth, and environmental change trends.

Project: Environment and Social Development


Mason, L. R. (2015). Beyond improved access: Seasonal and multidimensional water security in urban Philippines. Global Social Welfare, 2, 119–128. doi:10.1007/s40609-014-0024-7119-128