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Building Financial Capability and Assets for All

In this substantially revised chapter for the second edition of Grand Challenges for Social Work and Society, the authors describe efforts to build financial capability and assets for all, providing an update on ongoing engagements and plans for the future. “Since its founding as a profession,” the authors write, “social work has played an important and unique role in ensuring that everyone has access to societal benefits and an ability to achieve social and economic well- being. As key elements of well-being, financial capability and assets are among social work’s Grand Challenges. Today, social workers are breaking ground and are leaders in shaping social institutions to promote FCAB For All.”


Project: Grand Challenges for Social Work


Huang, J., Sherraden, M. S., Johnson, E., Birkenmaier, J., Rothwell, D., Despard, M. R., Jones, J. L., Callahan, C., Doran, J., Frey, J. J., McClendon, G. G., Friedline, T., & McKinney, R. (2022). Building financial capability and assets for all. In R. P. Barth, J. T. Messing, T. R. Shanks, & J. H. Williams (Eds.), Grand challenges for social work and society (2nd ed., pp. 310–340). Oxford University Press.