Darrell Hudson

CSD Faculty Director; Washington University in St. Louis
Race, Inequality and Social Mobility

Darrell Hudson is a CSD faculty director and co-leads the Collaboration on Race, Inequality, and Social Mobility in America (CRISMA). He is also director of Washington University’s Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity, and associate professor in the Brown School. His research focuses on the relationships between racial discrimination, social and economic mobility, and health. 

Faculty profile

CSD Projects

Costs of Upward Social Mobility

Racial Discrimination and Health

We examine racial and ethnic differences in depression, including the effects of socioeconomic position and discrimination.

Estimating Mental Health Needs

Racial Discrimination and Health

Our work examines the prevalence of mental disorders in African Americans in primary care and community settings.

The High Cost of Mental Health

Racial Discrimination and Health

We test a theoretical model that examines poor health behaviors as coping mechanisms for the stress of social disadvantage.