Li-Chen Cheng

CSD Faculty Director; National Taiwan University
Global Asset Building: Innovations in Policies and Services

Li-Chen Cheng is a CSD faculty director from National Taiwan University. She is a leader in asset-building programs—Family Development Accounts and Youth Development Accounts—for poor families and youth in Taiwan. In addition to her academic contributions, Cheng has been actively involved in advocating for better working conditions and promoting professional status for social workers in Taiwan. Between 2003 and 2008, she served as secretary general of the Taiwan Association for Social Workers and was elected as the president of the association in 2008. Cheng first began working with CSD during her PhD program (1990 to 1995) at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Global Assets Project

Global Asset Building

Our collaboration with the New America Foundation’s Asset Building Program seeks to inform and promote development of asset-building policies and programs worldwide. 

Taiwan: Demonstrations and Policy Progress

Global Asset Building

Our project assisted the Taipei City government with policy and research design for its Taipei Family Development Account pilot program.