Asset Building Financial Inclusion Report

Going to Scale: Principles and Policy Options for an Inclusive Asset-Building Policy

This paper presents some principles and policy options for achieving larger-scale, progressive asset-building policies. This is not a theoretical paper about policy development, Congress, and the Administration, but rather reflects CFED’s direct experience with practitioners, policymakers, and others in forging progressive asset-building policies for Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) and other asset-building tools. Specifically, this paper will (1) discuss principles and dimensions of asset-building policy, and (2) summarize the status of current asset development policies, and offer a set of policy recommendations to reach scale.

Project: Inclusion in Asset Building: Research and Policy Symposium


Friedman, R., & Boshara, R. (2000). Going to scale: Principles and policy options for an inclusive asset-building policy (CSD Policy Report No. 00-21). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.