Asset Building Financial Inclusion Working Paper

Asset Outcomes for Women and Children: A Research Review

This paper reviews findings from several studies on asset outcomes for women and children in developing countries. In recent years, the number of studies on asset outcomes for women and children has increased in developed countries; however, there is still a dearth of similar studies in developing countries. Findings from the review reveal that asset outcomes for women in developing countries include increased bargaining power in the household; increased use of reproductive health services; increased expenditure on children’s education, health, and nutrition; and increased household well-being. Asset outcomes for children include educational success and better health.
More research on asset effects for women and children will build knowledge for progressive asset-building initiatives that will provide impetus for policies that enhance household well-being in developing countries. Only a few studies in the review employ rigorous research methods. Longitudinal studies with randomized bigger sample sizes are needed to make cause-effect claims.

Project: AssetsAfrica


Chowa, G., Ansong, D., & Ibrahim, H. (2007). Asset outcomes for women and children: A research review (CSD Working Paper No. 07-28). St. Louis, MO: Washington University, Center for Social Development.