Asset Building Financial Inclusion Report

Helping People Act on Their Hopes Rather Than Their Fears: Lessons From Non-Enrollees in the SEED Initiative

This report is based on in-depth interviews and a focus group with parents and caregivers from the SEED Pre-School Demonstration and Impact Assessment that were offered college savings accounts, but chose not to enroll. It documents that these participants remembered being offered SEED accounts, yet due to misunderstandings, mistrust, and concerns did not enroll, although some later regretted this decision. The paper attempts to explain in the participant’s own words the decision not to enroll and also to draw implications on how similar opportunities can be offered in a way that helps people to act on the hopes they hold for their children’s futures rather than their fears.

Project: SEED National Initiative


Williams Shanks, T. R., Johnson, T., & Nicoll, K. (2008). Helping people act on their hopes rather than their fears: Lessons from non-enrollees in the SEED initiative (SEED Research Report). Lawrence: University of Kansas.