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Reducing Extreme Economic Inequality

In this substantially revised chapter for the second edition of Grand Challenges for Social Work and Society, the authors describe the dynamics of extreme economic inequality in the United States, developments during the COVID-19 pandemic, policies and supports to address aspects of inequality, and roles for social work in advancing solutions. The authors suggest that progress against extreme inequality is within reach and that social workers can lead innovation to overcome this challenge.

Project: Grand Challenges for Social Work


Henly, J., Lein, L., Romich, J., Shanks, T. R., & Sherraden, M. (with Jones, R., & Tillotson, A.). (2022). Reducing extreme economic inequality. In R. P. Barth, J. T. Messing, T. R. Shanks, & J. H. Williams (Eds.), Grand challenges for social work and society (2nd ed., pp. 279–309). Oxford University Press.